Meetings Dates Agendas & Minutes

It is a requirement of Parish Councils to produce agendas for meetings 3 days prior to the date of the meeting. Any relevant documents will be placed in the documents file at the same time.
The start of any meetings begins with an Open Forum, where the public can make comments or bring issues to the attention of the Council.

The Minutes of the meeting are published within 4 weeks of the meeting date. If the next Council meeting is to be more than 4 weeks away then unapproved DRAFT minutes are posted and replaced with signed and approved minutes as soon as possible following the meeting.


17.01.18   Agenda    Minutes

31.01.18   Agenda    Minutes  Extra meeting

21.02.18   Agenda    Minutes

14.03.18   Agenda    Minutes  Extra meeting

21.03.18   Agenda    Minutes 

25.04.18   Agenda    Minutes   Annual Parish 

09.05.18   Agenda    Minutes   Extra meeting 

23.05.18   Agenda    Minutes   AGM  Draft

23.05.18   Agenda    Minutes  

20.06.18   Agenda    Minutes 

25.07.18   Agenda    Minutes 

15.08.18   Agenda    Minutes   Extra meeting 

05.09.18   Agenda    Minutes

26.09.18   Agenda    Minutes   Extra meeting 

24.10.18  Agenda    Minutes 

21.11.18  Agenda    Minutes 

19.12.18  Agenda    Minutes 

30.01.19  Agenda    Minutes 

20.02.19  Agenda    Minutes 

27.03.19  Agenda    Minutes 

17.04.19  Agenda    Minutes 

17.05.19  Agenda    Minutes 

26.06.19 Agenda    Minutes 

24.07.19 Agenda    Minutes 

13.08.19 Agenda    Minutes 

04.09.19 Agenda    Minutes 

16.10.19 Agenda    Minutes 



18.01.17 Agenda   Minutes 

15.02.17 Agenda   Minutes 

08.03.17 Agenda   Minutes

29.03.17 Agenda   Minutes  Extra Meeting 

26.04.17 Agenda   Minutes

26.04.17 Minutes  Annual   Parish

17.05.17 Agenda   Minutes  AGM

17.05.17 Agenda   Minutes

31.05.17 Agenda   Minutes  Extra Meeting

14.06.17 Agenda   Minutes

26.07.17 Agenda  Minutes

09.08.17 Agenda  Minutes Extra Meeting

13.09.17 Agenda  Minutes

18.10.17 Agenda   Minutes

22.11.17 Agenda   Minutes

13.12.17 Agenda  Minutes



20.01.16 Agenda  Minutes  

08.02.16 Agenda  Minutes 

24.02.16 Agenda  Minutes 

23.03.16 Agenda  Minutes 

13.04.16 Agenda  Minutes 

27.04.16 Agenda  Minutes 

27.04.16 Minutes Annual Parish Meeting

18.05.16 Agenda  Minutes  Documents AGM

18.05.16 Agenda  Minutes 

15.06.17 Agenda  Minutes 

30.06.16 Agenda  Minutes Extra Meeting

20.06.16Agenda  Minutes

10.08.16 Agenda  Minutes  Extra Meeting

14.09.16 Agenda  Minutes 

28.09.16 Agenda  Minutes  Extra Meeting 

19.10.16 Agenda  Minutes Documents

16.11.16 Agenda  Minutes 

14.12.16 Agenda  Minutes 


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